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Funerary Art
Managed By: Icon Here Funerary Art
Graves and headstones often contain creative and special artwork done by the surviving dependents for their beloved decedents. Our category, 'Funerary Art' is looking for those stunning, unique 'WOW' works of art. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.
Expanded Description:

We are looking for all kinds of permanent funerary artworks. Often, the funerary artwork expresses the grief of loss or a celebration of the deceased. Funerary art does include specifics about the deceased: usually the name, birth and death date, etc. Cemetery art NOT on a tomb/gravestone will go in other categories. Funerary statues, sculptures, special crosses, mosaics, relief art, wooden art in a building -- no limitations of media here. As long as the permanent artwork is on a grave or on a tombstone, everything is fine. In addition, we will also accept permanent artwork on graves that are outside a cemetery (ex., in churches, cathedrals, or 'out of place graves' somewhere).

One important thing is the uniqueness of the artwork; mass-produced pieces will not be accepted. A unique piece will often be life-sized or over-sized. It is often carved from marble, granite or other stone. Commonly, if a sculpture is a traditional angel, serene woman, etc., about 3'-4' (1m to 1.5m) tall and painted or metal or cast out of concrete, it is a mass produced item. Other common mass produced designs include lambs, hands with fingers pointed upwards, urn with draped cloth, etc. For example, if you see four copies of the same figure in a cemetery, it is a mass produced item and not a unique "Wow' piece of Funerary Art.

Accepted Examples:

NOT Accepted Examples:

Mass produced; temporary; more a shrine; no 'Wow'

Mass produced Angel; no 'Wow'

Mass produced urn; no 'Wow'

Mass produced woman/angel with anchor with various positions

Except with unique circumstances decided by the Officers, headstones from these categories are excluded:
- Woodmen of the World Grave Markers/Monuments or...
- Mausoleums or...
- Zinc Headstones NOTE: 1882 Catalog of these mass produced markers may be found here or...
- Homemade Tombstones or...
- Broken Column Headstones or...
- Obelisks or...
- Freestanding Columns or...
- Death Mask Gravestones ...
...UNLESS there is a separate and substantial work of art that would fit into this category. If declined, you may resubmit with a note asking Officers to discuss and vote. Decisions by the Officers are final.

In respect of a family's loss, please wait three years after a loved one's death before posting a Waymark in this category.

Instructions for Posting a Funerary Art Waymark:


Please name your Waymark this way:
Name of the Artwork (Family name/names) - City, State/Province, Country

Distraught Angel (Miller) – New York, NY, USA
Anchor in marble (Wagner) – Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
Latin Cross Mosaic (Breza) – Prague, Praha, Czech Republic


The coordinates must be obtained by a personal visit to the grave/location. 'Drive-bys' are not allowed.


- Give us a description of the artwork [REQUIRED]. This is an art category, so please describe the art. For example: What material was used? What is depicted? Is the name of the artist engraved somewhere? In what condition is the artwork?
- Provide the full text on the headstone. Some headstones/slabs are adjacent, but separate from the the monument as it is a family memorial. You may wish to include this text.
- If the descriptive text provided for the Waymark includes text copied in whole or in part from another web site or sites, you MUST provide a "source" reference in the description to give credit to the source from which the text was obtained.
- Provide the name of the location and the hours the piece is available for viewing by the public. Indicate if there is an admission fee or other special circumstances (ex., removing ones hat in a church).
- Provide an English translation to help our English-only Officers review your Waymark.

NOTE: Do not touch or try to 'clean' the headstone. All headstones are private property and many older ones are delicate and you could accidentally damage them.


A MINIMUM of three distinct and clear photos are required. One detailed picture of the artwork itself, a second picture that shows the entire grave and the third (or more) of the inscription. Some headstones/slabs are adjacent, but separate from the the monument as it is a family memorial. These additional stones could also be photographed. Great photography is required (ex., focused photos that are well framed; sharp close-ups). Additional pictures are highly encouraged to gain a better sense and appreciation for the funerary art. As a suggestion, take photos of the sides, rear, oblique angle if the piece deserves it. Close-ups of details are always appreciated. A digital crop of one photo is NOT a distinct second or third photo. This is your chance to show off your discovery to the world.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
Please upload at least one clear photo that you took during your visit. No 'drive-bys.' Tell us how you like the artwork, what is its condition, and so on. If needed, update the locations hours or special visit instructions.
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Image for The mine and more (Zang) - Wien, Austriaview gallery

here0 km

Log it!

Funerary ArtThe mine and more (Zang) - Wien, Austria

in Funerary Art

Äußerst opulentes Grabmahl für Vater und Sohn / Extremely opulent tomb for father and son

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member PISA-caching

location: Wien, Austria

date approved: 9/11/2021

last visited: never

Image for Mayor looking out of town hall (Uhl) - Wien, Austriaview gallery

SWSW0.2 km

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Funerary ArtMayor looking out of town hall (Uhl) - Wien, Austria

in Funerary Art

Bürgermeister von Wien / Mayor of Vienna

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member PISA-caching

location: Wien, Austria

date approved: 9/14/2021

last visited: never

Image for Freiheitskämpfer / Freedom fighter (Birnecker) - Wien, Austriaview gallery

NWNW13 km

Log it!

Funerary ArtFreiheitskämpfer / Freedom fighter (Birnecker) - Wien, Austria

in Funerary Art

Erstes politisches Todesopfer der 1. Republik / First political fatality of the 1st Republic

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member PISA-caching

location: Wien, Austria

date approved: 1/26/2022

last visited: never

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