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Outdoor Amphitheaters
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An amphitheater is an oval, circular-shaped, or semi-circular area surrounded by rising ground and used for public performances, exhibitions, contests, games, etc. They can be found in many locations around the world. Amphitheaters posted under this category must be outdoors and open to the elements.
Expanded Description:
According to Wikipedia: The name amphitheater (alternatively amphitheatre) refers to a level, open space surrounded by an oval area that gradually ascends. The area may be a man-made structure or a natural geographic formation, but it is suited for seating people on the sloping area for the viewing of spectator sports, games, concerts, displays, rallies, or theatrical performances. An amphitheater can be classified as either an Ancient Amphitheater, a Contemporary Amphitheater, or a Natural Amphitheater.

Three Classifications of Amphitheaters:

Ancient Amphitheaters: An ancient amphitheater is particularly associated with ancient Rome and ancient Greece and was used for various types of public spectacles. In the Roman Empire, amphitheaters were round or oval in shape, forming a complete circle or ellipse, and were used for spectator sports, games, and displays. This is in contrast to a Greek classical amphitheater, which was semi-circular and used for theatrical performances (also gladiators). Click Here for Links to Some Examples of Ancient Amphitheaters.


Contemporary Amphitheaters: A contemporary amphitheater is a curved, acoustically vibrant performance space, particularly one located outdoors. Contemporary amphitheaters may include standing structures, sometimes curved or "bowl" shaped (referred to as bandshells), both behind the stage and behind the audience, creating an area which echoes or amplifies sound, making the amphitheater ideal for musical or theatrical performances. Click Here for Links to Some Examples of Contemporary Amphitheaters.


Natural Amphitheaters: A natural amphitheater is a performance space located in a spot where a steep mountain or a particular rock formation naturally amplifies or echoes sound, making it ideal for musical and theatrical performances. Notable natural amphitheaters include the Drakensberg amphitheatre in Drakensberg, South Africa, and the Echo amphitheatre, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre, all of which are in the United States. Click Here for Links to Some Examples of Natural Amphitheaters.


Instructions for Posting a Outdoor Amphitheaters Waymark:
Although there may be some overlap in theaters covered under Live Stage Theaters and those that have Bandshells on site (both of which have their own category), there are many Amphitheaters that do not fit under either of those categories. All outdoor amphitheaters are welcome here.

Amphitheaters posted under this category must be outdoors and open to the elements, like those built in ancient Greece and pictured above. The seating must be embedded into/located on a hillside. Note: We're not looking for theater buildings, stadiums, or indoor arenas. We're looking for amphitheaters with the classical Roman or Greek design.

1. NAME: The name of the amphitheater and its location should be included in the title. Generally this should be the city/town, state and/or country -- whatever is appropriate to its location.

Example 1: St. Augustine Amphitheater - St. Augustine, FL

Example 2: Epidaurus Amphitheater - Epidaurus, Greece

2. COORDINATES: These should be taken from within the amphitheater. If this is impossible for any reason, please state this in your description.

3. PHOTOS: At least two original photographs (taken by you) -- a view showing the entire amphitheater or major portion thereof (this should be the default photo), and a close-up clearly showing a sign with the name of the amphitheater. If there is no such sign, please state this and the requirement will be waived. A GPSr photo is not required.

4. LONG DESCRIPTION: Include as much information about the amphitheater as you can, especially its unique features and history. It must be different from the information posted in the Quick Description. You must cite your source if you copy any information directly from someone else. Waymarks with no Long Description will be returned for resubmission.

LANGUAGE NOTE: We recognize waymarking as a global hobby and welcome waymarks from all countries. However, if the waymark is written in a language other than English, an English translation is required. The English translation does not need to be perfect, just clear enough for the Officers and other viewers to understand what the waymark is about. And, as always, please cite your sources. Thank you!

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
When visiting a waymark, please take pictures that clearly show the amphitheater. If you have pictures with yourself in the amphitheater, that would be great too. Also, tell us a little about your visit.
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Image for STAMP Amphitheater - College Park, MDview gallery

here0 km

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Outdoor AmphitheatersSTAMP Amphitheater - College Park, MD

in Outdoor Amphitheaters

An outdoor Amphitheater located just to the east of the STAMP student union on the University of Maryland campus.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member bluesnote

location: Maryland

date approved: 6/16/2021

last visited: 6/16/2021

Image for Old Amphitheater - Arlington National Cemetery, Vaview gallery

SWSW16.4 km

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Outdoor AmphitheatersOld Amphitheater - Arlington National Cemetery, Va

in Outdoor Amphitheaters

The Old Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery, was used from 1868 until 1921 when Arlington Memorial Amphitheater was completed.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member LJParr

location: Virginia

date approved: 5/5/2012

last visited: 3/26/2022

Image for The Memorial Amphitheater - Arlington, VA - USAview gallery

SWSW16.7 km

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Outdoor AmphitheatersThe Memorial Amphitheater - Arlington, VA - USA

in Outdoor Amphitheaters

The Memorial Amphitheater, at Arlington National Cemetery.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Ambrosia

location: Virginia

date approved: 11/7/2009

last visited: 8/30/2022

Image for Jean C. Smith Memorial Amphitheater - Prince William County VAview gallery

SWSW61.3 km

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Outdoor AmphitheatersJean C. Smith Memorial Amphitheater - Prince William County VA

in Outdoor Amphitheaters

A small amphitheater is nestled in the woods in Locust Shade Park.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member La de Boheme

location: Virginia

date approved: 4/24/2010

last visited: never

Image for Battlefield Amphitheater - Gettysburg, PAview gallery

NN95 km

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Outdoor AmphitheatersBattlefield Amphitheater - Gettysburg, PA

in Outdoor Amphitheaters

A large, and rather new amphitheater at the Gettysburg National Battlefield National Park now graces this hallowed ground.

posted by: Groundspeak Regular Member Math Teacher

location: Pennsylvania

date approved: 4/22/2012

last visited: 9/3/2016

Image for Patriot Park Amphitheater - Fredericksburg, VAview gallery

SWSW102 km

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Outdoor AmphitheatersPatriot Park Amphitheater - Fredericksburg, VA

in Outdoor Amphitheaters

A nice amphitheater in the park with plenty of seating on the hill.

posted by: Groundspeak Premium Member Team 57

location: Virginia

date approved: 5/14/2013

last visited: never

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