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Tennessee Historical Markers
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Managed By: Icon Here TN Historical Markers
Seek out an official Tennessee Historical Marker - large rectangular aluminum sign on a post with black lettering – and so learn more about the interesting times past.
Expanded Description:
This category is for the large rectangular markers with silver background, black lettering, and the three-star TN logo placed by the Tennessee Historical Commission - or similar marker placed by a city or county historical commission (such as Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County). These are typically specifically numbered markers on pedestals.

Unfortunately, the Tennessee state commission does not maintain a public webpage with current listing of markers. An outdated 1996 guidebook can be found in libraries with marker text and general location. “The Courier” newsletter (link) of the Tennessee Historical Commission does provide notification of new TN historical markers as they are approved.

Other historical plaques and signs should be waymarked in another appropriate category.

Instructions for Posting a Tennessee Historical Markers Waymark:
Please include the following in your post:

- Required: Waymark title. Suggested format is marker title – marker number – city or county.

- Required: A quality picture of the marker, which needs to be set as default waymark image. (No need for you or your GPS to be in picture, actually preferred that you're not). The text on the marker should be legible in the picture with the marker ideally filling entire photo without cutting off anything. If the other side is different (“See other side”), then a second photo is required to show the continued text.

- Optional but strongly encouraged: Additional pictures in the gallery to show the general location of the marker or the item being discussed (building, etc.).

- Required: Full text on the marker in the Long Description, both sides if different. Be sure that the text matches the picture submitted. Do not enter the text in all capital letters.

- Optional: Further information about the person, place, or item being featured on the marker.

- Required: Coordinates taken by you at the actual marker spot (not from a vehicle nearby).

- Optional: Address or directions to guide others to the location. Parking information, especially for markers in busy intersections.

Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category:
At minimum, your visit must consist of a picture of the marker itself or anything referenced on the marker plus additional information you may have learned about the waymark topic. (You and your GPS receiver do not need to be in the picture, but can.)
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