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666 Sightings

by:  Taboo? 

A place to waymark permanent sightings of the number 666.


Geographic High Points allows ratings

by:  High Points 

The point of this category is to list the political area high points including continents, countries, states, provinces, counties, parishes, territories, districts and similar political entities.


Remains of Settlements

by:  PeHoRo 

Throughout the world, evidence of earlier settlement can be found. Whether it is the remains of streets and roads, foundations of buildings, or remnants of the infrastructure, all make great finds when walking out into the scenic outdoors. This category seeks those evidences where we can find remains of settlements off the beaten path, in unpopulated places, and particularly in nature. It seeks out the proofs of settlements in the past which tells us something about how people lived there.


IMAX Theaters

by:  IMAX Projectors 

Really big screen locations that feature this unique film format. *UPDATE* New movie theater formats (alternatives to IMAX) are now welcomed into this category as of 1/6/2016.


Japanese Gardens allows ratings

by:  Japanese Garden Group 

Japanese gardens derive their beauty from a blending of different elements such as sand or gravel, rocks, water, ornaments (lanterns, bridges, etc.), natural plants, and the garden’s surroundings. It is a favorite style of gardening found not just in Japan but worldwide.


Devilish Locations allows ratings

by:  Devilish Group 

There are countless places in the world named after the Devil. There are variations such as Satan, Lucifer, and Diablo. Devilish locations sometimes are named for their geology. Typically, these places may create a spooky and foreboding feeling that reinforces the local legends of the location's being cursed, evil or enchanted. Names can also include Hell, Inferno, Purgatory or Hades.


Covered Wagons allows ratings

by:  Covered Wagons Lovers 

This category is for historical covered wagons. Restored ones preferred, but any covered wagon will do.


Pictographs allows ratings

by:  Ancient Graffiti 

Pictographs date back thousands of years and are found all over the world. They were used by early man to record events, visions and story telling. They were produced using crude tools such as sticks, rocks, bone or paints from natural materials.



Public Aquariums

by:  Aquarium Waymarking Group 

A public aquarium where fish, sharks, dolphins, penguins, and other underwater animals are kept and shown to the public.


Spas, Hammams, Mineral Baths and Saunas allows ratings

by:  Spas and Mineral Baths 

These are locations where the public is offered the chance to soak in special "curative" waters, have a massage or relax in a steamy environment. This includes public Saunas and Kneipp Walk Pools.


Framed Views

by:  Framed Views 

We are looking for Framed Views all around the world. Have you ever seen a huge picture frame or a free standing window showing the best view to an interesting location? This is the place to waymark them.

Please take a look at the Expanded Description for further details.


Nobel Laureates allows ratings

by:  Nobel Prize Committee 

Memorials, monuments, and sites honoring the Nobel Laureates of the world.


Wastewater Treatment Facilities

by:  Ye Olde Turd Mill 

Wastewater collection and treatment is the ultimate "Cinderella Service". Greatly under funded/appreciated, it has been the single greatest advancement in public health in the history of mankind. We each produce about 100 gallons of wastewater a day and yet it all disappears down the drain never to be seen again. So where does this vile stuff go and how is it reclaimed? This category is a technical catalog of Wastewater Treatment Facilities around the world.


Aviation Museums allows ratings

by:  Aviation Museum Managers 

Aviation museums from your neighborhood airfield to locations around the world.


Independent Music Stores allows ratings

by:  Music Store Managers 

Independent music stores often have that funky flair and unique style that drives music enthusiasts to their doors. Find one and share.


Motor Vehicle Museums allows ratings

by:  Car Museums 

Do you know of a really cool museum that is dedicated to the preservation and/or display of motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, fire engines, and other motor vehicles? This is the place to list them so we can all enjoy them.



by:  Pergolas 

This category's goal is to highlight the many pergolas located around the world. Most are freestanding and some are attached to an existing building. Pergolas submitted to this category are required to be artistic in their design and/or have some history attached to them. If they have some ornamentation or foliage in their creations, even better. Plain-looking, run-of-the-mill pergolas submitted here will be denied.


Auto Clubs

by:  Travel Bugs 

Auto Club offices and centers world-wide that are part of the "Show Your Card" network, such as the AAA Auto Clubs in the U.S. and the ARC affiliated clubs in Europe.


Historic United Methodist Sites allows ratings

by:  Historic United Methodist Markers 

Waymarking category for listing United Methodist historic sites which have been officially numbered or designated as Heritage Landmarks by the UMC General Commission on Archives and History


Capitol Buildings

by:  Capitols - Managers 

The Capitols category has been created to Waymark the central government building of a country or a state, provincial or equivalent principle division of a country. This is not for counties, municipalities, local governments, or other smaller divisions of territory. This category is intended to catalog current Capitols, not historic ones.


Shooting Ranges allows ratings

by:  Rangers 

Lets go Shooting! Share your favorite shooting range here or find a shooting range to shoot in your favorite Firearm.


Century Farms allows ratings

by:  Century Farms 

Photograph and waymark Century Farms and Ranches that have been owned and continue to be operated by direct descendants of the same family for at least 100 years.


Bygone Toll Houses allows ratings

by:  Toll house Searchers 

This category is for the recording of old toll houses worldwide. Some are now homes, some are abandoned, some are in parks but they are still there.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

by:  MLK Managers 

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968) was a significant human rights leader in the U.S. civil rights movement. He has been honored internationally for the profound impact of his achievements.

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