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New catholic architecture. Is there a recently built catholic church nearby? If so, this category is the place! Here you can mark churches built after 1964. Why this date? Because on this date the constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium was approved and promulgated. More specifically, the assembly of bishops met on December 4, 1963 and Pope Paul VI promulgated it. It is true that this ecclesiastical document does not speak of how the new temples have to be, but the council did renew the way of understanding the Catholic Church, which had to be noticed in some way in the new constructions. This new church had to be less clerical and more lay, where all the baptized are co-participants in the future of the community. That is why the new temples have a clearly assembly configuration, where the priest is the president, but the rest of the participants really participate, not like before the reform. That is why this category has simple requirements, such as proposing new temples, with non-classical materials and in which some interior photography is recommended to really see this assembly spirit.

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