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date created: 11/10/2014
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The Bobsleighs and Mountain Slides usually run on small wheels or skids down a long chute on the side of a hill powered only by gravity. The speed is regulated by brakes. They do not run on tracks. The chutes are usually made of concrete, steel, wood or fibreglass which can be covered with ice (usually for the bobsleighs). The chutes are no closed circled tracks. They have seats for one, two or four passengers. Some can be used by amateurs, others (especially the bobsleighs) but can only be driven by professional athletes. This group will manage a category for such places!

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Bobsleigh Chutes and Mountain Slides 07/09/2015
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Tante.Hossi - Bobsleigh Master
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Marine Biologist - Alpine Slider
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lumbricus - Alpine Slider
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