Category Creation FAQ

The Waymarking directory contains categories that focus on a specific type of location. Each category is managed by a Group consisting of at least 3 Premium Members that work together to ensure all the locations submitted to their category adhere to the category goals. If you are a Premium Member and have an idea for a new category that does not already exist in the directory, you can form a Group and submit your category for review by following the steps below.

1. Form a Group

From any page, click the My Groups link in the right column and then click "Create New Group". Choose a name for your Group, state your Group’s goals and click Submit.
  • Invite at least two other Premium Members to join your Group. If you are new to Waymarking and don't know any other Premium Members you can find some tips for recruiting here.
  • Promote your new Group members to the rank of Officer. Check out this link for more information on promoting Group members.
2. Create a Category

  • Once you have the required number of Officers in your Group, a checklist will automatically appear on your Group page with a link to the category creation form. Take your time writing the category details and research your idea fully before you complete the edits. The Discussion Forum is a great place for tips on category creation.
  • After you have finished editing your category details you can call for an Officer vote. All officers are required to be in 100% agreement of the category name, description, and variables so be sure everything is in order before calling the vote. When the vote is completed and everyone has voted to accept the category, you may then click the "Send Category to Peer Review" link to initiate the final step.
3. Peer Review

  • Peer Review consists of a queue available to all Premium Members allowing them to review, vote, and comment on category hopefuls for a period of 3 days. During this time you will not be able to make changes to your category description, however you may cancel the vote at any time if you left out something important. To cancel a vote, click the red X next to step 4 in the checklist on your Group page.
  • Small mistakes such as grammar and typos can be fixed after Peer Review if necessary. Once the voting period has passed, and assuming the community liked your category, you will receive a congratulatory email and may begin accepting new waymarks immediately!
How many categories can I create?

As a Premium Member you may create an unlimited number of categories.