Waymarking Glossary


A category is a subdivision of the waymark directory that contains a specific type of waymark. Each category can also contain one or more sub-categories.

Category Directory:

The entire library of categories. Every waymark and category falls within the directory.

Ignore List

A Premium feature which allows you to remove categories from your directory view. Once you have placed a category on your Ignore List it will be removed from all waymark and image searches for as long as you like. Return the category to full view at any time.


A comment posted to a waymark page referring to a physical trip to a waymark, also called a log.


Your home base. From here you can view your personal waymarking statistics, as well as manage your waymarks, waymark categories, logs, origins, and personal information.

Peer Review:

Consists of a queue available to all Premium Members allowing them to review, vote, and comment on category hopefuls.


A way for you to quickly see how other people feel about a particular waymark. It’s usually a good idea to read the log paired with the rating to get the proper context.


A single location on the waymarking.com website. Examples may be a specific statue, lighthouse, or Stuckey’s restaurant.