About Google Earth KML

The recent acquisition of Keyhole by Google has provided a new way of browsing waymarks through the new product, Google Earth. The basic version of the software is freely available on Google's web site for download.

KML files are specially formatted files for Google Earth that contains data to allow them to be viewed in the Google Earth desktop application. The data from Waymarking.com includes the category and other data to help you browse waymarks in a dynamic mapping interface.

Please note that the coordinates used in Google Earth are only an approximation and can be up to 100 ft from the actual location. Do not use the coordinates in Google Earth for cache hunting. It is merely a viewing tool for getting a general idea of the cache location.

With Google Earth you can now download KML files from the Waymarking.com web site. Presently there is only one type of KML files available from Waymarking.com:

Networked KML

Once  you download the KML file from your "my account" page, every time you zoom and pan Google Earth the application queries the web site for waymarks in the area. In a way it acts as another type of web browser but it allows you to easily visualize waymarks in the area. The link has been set up to work just for you. In the future we will provide various filtering features to allow for more specific search requirements.

There are some limitations of this service due to the amount of strain the queries have on the database and the desktop application. For example, a maximum of 150 waymarks will be shown on the map at any given time. To get all the waymarks in the area you will need to zoom to a level that shows less than 150 listings. However, a message will be available to let you know whether you are seeing all the caches in the area, or just a subset of them. When the number exceeds 150 you will receive a random sampling.