Group Management FAQs

Group management of categories is an important aspect of It guards against situations where a popular category might suddenly lose its manager, whether through lack of interest or various other reasons, and provides a sense of security to those who take the time to contribute to the category. The time and effort someone put into creating a waymark would be wasted if a category were abandoned and everyone would miss out on a great location.

Aside from the obvious logistical benefits, Group management also offers several social perks as well. It allows like-minded individuals to rally around a shared interest, and collectively experience the fun and sense of accomplishment that guiding a category to greatness can bring. Group management encourages collaboration on tough decisions, provides accountability, and creates a sense of togetherness that benefits the community as a whole. To learn how to create a new category please visit the Category Creation Page.

How do I create a Group?

Click the My Groups link in the right column, and then click the Create a New Group link.

How many Groups can I join?

You are welcome to join as many Groups as you like in a supporting role, but Premium Members are limited to leading ten Groups.

How do I invite new members?

After you have created your Group, click the Invite tab at the top of the page. Here you can enter the username of the person you wish to invite, and send a short message along with your invitation. They will receive an email containing a link to your Group details page with an option to join your Group. If you have turned on Open Enrollment, friends may also join your Group by simply visiting your Group page and clicking the "join this group" button.

How do I turn on Open Enrollment?

To toggle between Open and Closed Enrollment simply click the Open Enrollment: OFF/ON link at the top of your Group details page.

What are the different Group ranks?

There are 3 primary Group rankings, each with unique permissions relating to category management.

Leader: This is the creator of the Group and the highest ranking member. A Leader can invite, promote, and assign permissions to other Group members. A Premium Membership is required to hold a Leadership position.

Officer: An Officer is promoted by the Leader and assists in maintenance of the Group’s category. She has the ability to participate in votes that affect Group membership as well as new waymark review. A Premium Membership is required to hold an Officer position.

Regular Member: She will offers suggestions to the Leader and Officers on Group and category issues, but has no management permissions. In the future we plan to add more features specifically focused on Regular Members. Anyone can be a Regular Member.

Promotions and Demotions

How do I promote a Member to Officer?

After a friend has joined your Group as a Regular Member, click on his or her username and then click Promote This Member to upgrade their status to Officer. You may promote as many Officers as you like.

How do I demote an Officer?

Once a Group member has been promoted to Officer status, you cannot demote him or her without calling an Officer Vote. To call a vote, simply click on his or her username on the Group details page and then click Demote This Member. Enter your reasons for demoting the member in the provided textbox and submit your request. An email notification of a pending vote will be sent to all other Officers providing them an opportunity to vote on the issue. A 66% majority among your Group Officers is required for the vote to pass.

Can my Group Officers vote to demote me, the Leader?

Yes, however every Officer in your Group must vote in the affirmative for the motion to pass. The best way to avoid this situation is to invite and promote several Officers, as it will be difficult to attain a 100% vote to demote you. All it takes is one "nay" vote for the motion to fail. In the unfortunate event you are demoted, you will not be removed from the Group entirely; rather, you will swap positions with the next highest ranking Officer.

Can I quit my Group?

To quit your Group at any time, click your name in the Group members list, and then click Quit This Group. If you are the Leader, first click Resign as Leader of This Group. You will be prompted to name your successor from the Officer ranks.

Ranks and Permissions

As a Group Leader you have the ability to assign custom ranks and permissions to your Group Officers. At a minimum, a Group Officer will be able to approve/deny new waymark submissions to your category. In addition, Officers can be given permission to:
  • Change the Group Logo
  • Invite friends to join the Group
  • Make changes to the category description
  • Send Group emails to members
How do I change an Officer’s rank and permissions?

Click the Ranks tab at the top of your Group details page, and then click the Edit button to make changes. Check the box for each permission you would like to assign and submit your changes with the Update button. Next, return to your Group details page and click the member’s username in the member list. Click Change this Member’s Rank, enter some optional comments, and select the appropriate rank from the dropdown list before submitting. An email notification will be sent to the member whose rank you updated informing them of the change.