Ignore Lists are available to Premium Members only.

A Waymarking/Geocaching Premium Membership offers various power-user features to enhance your waymarking experience. In addition to full access to Waymarking.com, your Premium Membership will also afford you full access to the Geocaching.com website.

Why should I pay for a Premium Membership?

  • Category Creation and Group Management
    As a Premium Member you have the ability to create and lead an unlimited number of Groups, each managing a waymarking category in the directory. Have a great idea for a category? Upgrade today and make it happen!

  • Peer Review
    Your vote counts! That's why we are giving Premium Members the ability to review new category hopefuls before placement in the directory. In Peer Review your opinions matter.

  • Advanced Search Functionality
    In addition to the standard address/postal code search, Premium members can search for waymarks from a specific lat/lon coordinate, and can also limit the results to particular countries, regions and states.

  • Saved Searches
    Premium members can save the the locations they use for their waymark searches for later use. Saved searches can also be created from individual waymarks. 

  • Get Current Coordinates
    No need to use a 3rd party app to acquire your realtime coordinates in the field, get them directly from the website with this premium feature.

  • Ignore Lists
    If you don't like a category, ignore it! With the click of a button, Premium members can filter uninteresting waymarks from their result lists.

  • Favorite Lists
    Remember your favorite categories by placing them in a favorites list.   Premium members can easily track the recent activity in all their favorite categories on the categories page.

  • Downloadable Files
    Downloadable files such as .GPX, .KML and .LOC files are available to Premium Members only.

  • Visit Ratings
    Only Premium members can rate visits to waymarks.

  • Waymark Page View Counts
    Only Premium members can see the number of page views per waymark.

  • Access to Premium Features on Geocaching.com
    A Premium Membership gives you access to upgraded features on any website Geocaching owns. Simply login with the same account information at Geocaching.com to enjoy these additional features.