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by:  Pergolas 

This category's goal is to highlight the many pergolas located around the world. Most are freestanding and some are attached to an existing building. Pergolas submitted to this category are required to be artistic in their design and/or have some history attached to them. If they have some ornamentation or foliage in their creations, even better. Plain-looking, run-of-the-mill pergolas submitted here will be denied.

Way of St. James allows ratings

by:  By the Way 

The Way of St. James is a large network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe and coming together in Santiago de Compostela that exists since the ninth century.

Southern African Trig Beacons allows ratings

by:  Southern African Trig Beacons 

This category is for waymarking Southern African Trig Beacons. Specifically formal trig beacons of the style used for former British colonies, and applies to South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

Diving Platforms

by:  Diving platforms 

A diving platform or diving tower is a tower/structure used for jumping into water.

Soroptimist International Markers

by:  Matriarchal Advocates 

This category's mission is to waymark the monuments, plaques and any other public marker placed by Soroptimist International members worldwide.

Time Signals

by:  The Keepers of Time 

The purpose and goal of this category is to discover, document, and preserve the memory of "Time Balls", "Time Cannons", and "Time Flaps". These now obsolete devices were used in the 19th and early 20th century as public time markers.

Ski Jumps allows ratings

by:  Ski Jumpers 

We are looking for 'Ski Jumps' around the world. Whether they are large or small, active or abandoned.

Kiwanis International Markers

by:  Kiwanians 

A category to waymark monuments and plaques placed by Kiwanis International.

Hydroelectric Power Stations

by:  Hydroelectric Power Rangers 

Our goal at "hydroelectric power stations" is to locate and waymark any types of hydroelectric power stations all over the world.

Love Padlocks

by:  Padlock Lovers 

Our goal at '[b]Love Padlocks[/b]' is to locate and waymark love padlock locations all over the world.

European Post Offices

by:  European Post Offices 

Our goal at European Post Offices is to locate and waymark post office locations, including licensed post offices. We are particularly interested in standalone, 'traditional' Post Office locations - past and present.

Specific Wars Monuments and Memorials

by:  WarVeterans 

This category is for monuments and memorials dedicated to specific wars, typically to honor the persons (as a whole, not as individuals) who fought in such conflicts. Exclusions made for wars which memorials and monuments already have their own categories.

3D Map Models of Our World and Beyond

by:  Raised Relief Maps 

3D Map Models, also called Raised Relief maps, abound both indoors and outside. These map models demonstrate topography, geography, hydrology, town or city development or provide guidance for visually impaired. The 3D Map Model may range anywhere from high precision to an abstracted interpretation; as long as they use the three factors of length, width and height. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.

Canal Tunnels

by:  The Watery Burrowers 

Mankind has been endeavouring to discover methods of crossing natural obstructions for centuries. There are many tunnels, all vital to our infrastructure and they display some of the most marvellous feats of engineering. This category seeks canal tunnels which are safely accessible and are of some interest. A canal is a manmade waterway which is navigable by transport and can carry boats shipping goods and people. The tunnel must have been/or be used by boats, not be a water only channel.

Human Migration Monuments

by:  Human migration 

This category is to Waymark monuments to Human migration and pay homage to all human beings who for one reason or another had to migrate and face the difficulties associated to build a new home away from home.

Austrian and Swiss National Heritage Sites

by:  Austrian and Swiss Cultural Heritage Sites 

To find and document locations that are officially listed by the respective authorities in Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Findet und dokumentiert denkmalgesch├╝tzte Orte in ├ľsterreich, Liechtenstein und der Schweiz.

LEGO Sculptures and Models

by:  LEGO 'plays good' 

LEGOs (TM) are a versatile construction toy that has evolved into a viable sculpture and model medium which artists use to create permanent pieces for the public to enjoy. Please limit submissions to two (2) creations per person at each location (most commonly a LEGOLand or LEGO Store), meaning multiple Waymarkers can each submit two pieces at the same location. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.

Freestanding Columns

by:  Pillars of the Community 

Freestanding columns are sometimes purposeful and aesthetic, at others, remnants of what was, a surviving testament to something larger and at times, grandiose. This category seeks to document and record those detached stone sentinels, in every nation and every clime.

Unique Artistic Shop Signs

by:  Unique Artistic Shop Signs 

The goal of this category is to waymark <b>Unique Artistic Shop Signs</b> where the name or kind of the shop is depicted in a <b>symbolic and artistic way</b>.<br/><br/> We are <b>NOT</b> looking for ordinary everyday shop signs, which can be found in any city around the world many times. See the expanded Description for details and examples.

Tripoints and Multipoints

by:  When Shall We Three Meet Again 

A tripoint is a geographical point at which the borders of three countries or sub-national entities meet. Our goal is to find and record all international, and national first level sub-division, border tripoints and multipoints.

Natural Lakes

by:  Natural Lakes group 

A lake is a body of relatively still fresh or salt water of considerable size, localized in a basin, that is surrounded by land.


by:  MillersUnited 

Locate any displayed or abandoned millstones. Mill stones are stones used for grinding raw products such as wheat in to food products like flour.

Political Revolutions allows ratings

by:  Political Revolutions Group 

In this category we want to register Political Revolution Memorials, Locations or Historical Places all over the world. A Political Revolution can be described as “An attempted, or successful, overthrow and subsequent repudiation of a political system.

Church of Christ Scientist allows ratings

by:  Church Scientists 

This category is to waymark locations of current and former Church of Christ Scientist buildings.

Spanish Heritage

by:  The Heritage 

This category is to waymark the Spanish Heritage.

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