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Hawaiian Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Hawaiian Historians 

Roadside historic markers are our windows to the past. They educate us, they make us curious to investigate, or they provide us with an excuse to take a break and stretch our legs while we read what happened here.


Nuclear Power Plants

by:  Nuclear Power Plant Management Group 

Publicly viewable nuclear power plants and cooling towers. The plants can be working or out of commission.


American Revolution Patriot Graves allows ratings

by:  The Patriots 

This category will identify the graves of "Patriots" of the American Revolution. This category is intended to identify graves of those who supported our struggle for independance in a non-military capacity.


Amateur Radio Repeaters

by:  Amateur Radio Repeaters Group 

This category contains location and technical information about amateur radio repeaters.


Comedy Clubs allows ratings

by:  Comedy Clubs 

This category will waymark the locations that are dedicated to the art of Stand-Up comedy.


Latvian Benchmarks allows ratings

by:  Latvian geocachers 

This type of waymarks allows you to register benchmarks located in Latvia. Šis ceļazīmju tips ļauj reģistrēt Latvijā esošos ģeodēziskos punktus.



by:  Gas holders 

This category tries to find structures called gasometers. This could be our last chance to record them. These exist around the world but they are becoming rare. Gasometers can be known also as gas holders and gas bells.


Tripoints and Multipoints

by:  When Shall We Three Meet Again 

A tripoint is a geographical point at which the borders of three countries or sub-national entities meet. Our goal is to find and record all international, and national first level sub-division, border tripoints and multipoints.


Yellow Arrow Lookup

by:  Yellow Arrow Lookup Managers 

Essentially a reverse yellow arrow finder, this category documents the locations of yellow arrows posted at


Renaissance Fairs allows ratings

by:  Renaissance Fairs Managers 

A Renaissance Fair or Renaissance Festival is an outdoor gathering, ostensibly focused on recreating life as it was during the Renaissance.


Antarctic Points of Interest

by:  Antarctica - Managers 

The aim of this category is to catalog and encourage visits to points of interest on or pertaining to Antarctica. These places need not be on the continent, but must have a clear link to Antarctica.


Star Trek allows ratings

by:  Federation of Waymarkers 

Permanent locations directly related the STAR TREK universe. These must exist "because of" STAR TREK, not just having a similar name.


Fireworks Trees  allows ratings

by:  The Pyros 

The stunning visual effects created by Fireworks Trees provide an amazingly real fireworks display. If you've seen one going you'll agree. This category is for these stunning Fireworks Trees.


Humming Stones

by:  Humming Stones 

"Put your head in the hollow of the stone and hum different notes. When you hit the right note, you will feel a gentle vibrating sensation in your body. The result is a harmonious feeling of well-being." All over the world you can find Humming Stones... and here is the place to waymark them! Let's hummmmm! [:)]


National Wild and Scenic Rivers

by:  National Wild and Scenic Rivers 

Waymark the beginning, end or any one or more wild, scenic or recreational locations along the portion of a River that has been designated as a National Wild and Scenic River or that programs equivalent in countries outside of the United States.


Kilroy Was Here allows ratings

by:  The Kilroys 

This category is for the posting of any and all "Kilroy Was Here" locations. Also included are Chads (UK), Clems (CAN), and Foos (AUS), which of course are similar to Kilroy.


Millennium Trees allows ratings

by:  Millennium Trees Managers 

This category is for any variety of trees that were planted to commemorate the turning of the millennia. A plaque is typically placed nearby indicating that it is a millennium tree.


Alaska Historic Markers allows ratings

by:  Alaskan Historic Markers 

Roadside historic markers are our windows to the past. They educate us, they make us curious to investigate, or they provide a nice excuse to take a break and stretch our legs while we read what happened here. This category is for those markers found in the state of Alaska.


Abandoned Air Force Radar Sites allows ratings

by:  Abandoned Air Force Radar Sites 

This group would help us preserve some of our history, highlighting abandoned Air Force radar stations from the cold war era. There were many radar sites all around the country.


Permanent Orienteering Courses

by:  Orienteers 

This category is for waymarking permanent orienteering courses around the world.


Howard Johnson's

by:  Joe's Hoes 

For most of the 20th century, the orange roof of Howard Johnson's was a familiar sight along the great American roadside. By the 1970's, there were more Howard Johnson's Restaurants than McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's combined. Now there are only 2 still up and running. We're looking primarily for those that haven't been bulldozed, but instead have been re-purposed. And we'll take the locations that have been bulldozed, as well as the 2 remaining restaurants!


Master Architects - Deconstructivism

by:  Master Architects - Deconstructivism 

Deconstructivism is an architectural movement that broke through the restraints of the traditional building "envelope" resulting in structures that sometimes seems more sculpture than architecture. Several architects emerged as leaders in the style and in this category we will waymark the work of those architects considered masters of the style. They are Peter Eisenman, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Coop Himmelblau, Rem Koolhaas, Daniel Libeskind, and Bernard Tschumi.


Native American Trail Trees allows ratings

by:  Native American Trail Trees group 

Trail trees are trees that were modified by the American Aboriginal peoples in order to signify trails, campsites, or special locations (water supply, food, safety, etc.). Often these were oak saplings that are given a unique bend, usually pointed in the direction of the point of interest.


Runestones Worldwide

by:  RUNESTONES - Worldwide 

This Category is for Waymaking the Runestones of the World. They can be found all over the World as the Vikings traveled many places. Sweden: 2500, of these: Uppland: 1500, Södermanland: 500, rest of Sweden: 500, Denmark: 200, Norway: 100, Iceland: 50, England: 50, Ukrania: 2, USA 2


Watershed Markers and Monuments

by:  Watersheds 

This category looks for markers and monuments which belong to Watersheds/Divides.

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