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IKEA allows ratings

by:  IKEA from Sweden 

This category wants to locate IKEA stores around the world.

Art Studios

by:  Art Students 

The goal of this category is to find art studios, ateliérs and workshops of individual artists, or small groups of artists.

Rock and Mineral Displays

by:  The Nuggets 

To document, photograph, preserve and waymark rock and mineral displays and specimens.

Etched in Stone allows ratings

by:  Etched in Stone 

This category seeks the locations that have quotes permanently displayed.

Butterfly Gardens

by:  Pollinators 

Butterfly gardens aim to create an environment through the planting of specific plants and flowers to attract butterflies. Each garden is unique and this category seeks to find and catalog each garden.

Wedding Chapels allows ratings

by:  Wedding Chapels 

To locate various chapels and structures,(indoors or outdoors)used mainly for weddings.

Dairy Creameries

by:  Cheese Curds 

A category for documenting dairy creameries, places where milk and cream are (were) processed and where butter, cheese and other dairy products are made. The creameries may be still be in use, no longer in use or converted to other uses.

National Public Lands Passport Locations

by:  The Blue Goose Passport Group 

Numerous national public lands offices offer passport stamps as a way to encourage visitation to their location. This category seeks the passport stamping locations throughout the world’s national public lands.

Town and Village Pounds allows ratings

by:  Pound Keepers 

You may have stumbled across one, a small, rectangular area bounded by stone walls. It looks like it might be a small cemetery, but there are no headstones to be found! It might just be the old Pound, where stray livestock would be kept until their owners claimed them, with a fee to the Pound Keeper, of course.

Lighthouse Passport Stamps allows ratings

by:  Lighthouse Stamper Seekers 

This category seeks the lighthouse passport stamping locations throughout the world. Often these locations are not at the lighthouse itself but may be in a nearby location.

Milk Platforms - Maitolaiturit allows ratings

by:  Milk platform spotters 

This category wants to find still existing milk platforms, milk stands, churn stands and maitolaiturit. Milk platforms can be roofed, or just platforms without roof. They are made of wood or rocks or tiles.

Famous Fictional Figures

by:  Fans of Fiction 

This category is for documenting the location of famous fictional figures permanently captured in the form of a public statue or sculpture. The represented figures can be from movies, television, literature, or other sources.

Grain Elevators

by:  Grain Elevators 

A category for documenting grain elevators - buildings or complex of buildings for storage, shipment and trading of grains. Can be framed or cribbed wood, steel, concrete or other materials. Must be commercial grain elevators, individual farm elevators or grain storage facilities will not be accepted.

Historical Society Headquarters

by:  La Société 

Historical Societies are responsible for recognizing, preserving and maintaining cultural relevant historical sites. This category seeks to find and catalog their headquarters.

Moomins allows ratings

by:  Moomin club 

Year 2010 is the 65th anniversary of the release of "The Moomins and the Great Flood", the first of the Moomin books writen by Finnish writer and illustrator Tove Jansson. Waymarking goal of this category is to promote knowledge of Moomins by finding Moomin characters around the world! See below for details.

Flora and Fauna Information Signs allows ratings

by:  Flora and Fauna Enthusiasts 

The category will enable people to locate signs that highlight interesting facts about the local flora and fauna.

Bismarck Towers allows ratings

by:  Bismarck Towers 

Bismarck Towers are a unique German monument genre, to honor the ex-chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Approximately 250 of these towers were built between the German unification and the National Socialist takeover, between 1869 and 1934. They were built in various styles, on four continents (Australia, South America, Africa and Europe). Of those 250 about 170 remain.

Whispering Galleries

by:  Whispering Among Friends 

Whispering Galleries are areas in which the ambient architecture is able to broadcast weak sounds relatively great distances and can be heard. These Whispering Galleries can be an acoustical anomaly found in a domed rotunda or arch or they can be deliberately constructed within a science museum.

Remembering FEPOW

by:  FEPOW Commemorators 

OUR AIM: We are creating a valuable resource where points of interest dedicated specifically to the Far East Prisoners of War are accessible for those wanting to research their relatives and find out as much as they can about this part of the war which lay forgotten for so long. This category will waymark all things all over the world relating to the FEPOW from memorials, graves, places where information can be found, to the actual places involved in the World War II conflict in the Far East

Bifana´s House

by:  Bifana's House 

The goal of this waymark is to create Bifana's House Waymark (Portuguese traditional fast food house). The "Bifana" is a thinly sliced pork steak sandwich, served in Portuguese traditional bread, fried on vegetable oil or olive oil with lots of garlic. It tastes real good. Some add mustard or spicy sauce. It's not a BBQ and it's not easy to find in every restaurant. There are houses that have them as their specialty, that's what this category is all about. Those houses are not BBQ houses.

Engrish Signs allows ratings

by:  Group have Engrish is Waymarkers 

Engrish signs are signs have have a humorous misuse of the English language because of translation errors.

Australian Historical Markers allows ratings

by:  Vic Waymarkers 

This Category is for Waymarking the historical markers of Australia.

Coats of Arms

by:  Heraldists 

Your mission is to find any interesting static manifestation of heraldry in the form of coat of arms - connected with aristocratic families (noble family coat of arms), burgher arms (used by famous commoners), church or knight orders, universities and towns or counties. The commercial and state (country) coat of arms are excluded from this category...

Old Spanish Trail Auto Route

by:  Old Spanish Trail Blazers 

This category seeks to waymark the unique pieces of Americana and history that still lie along the Old Spanish Trail Auto Route. It connects the old Spanish colonial towns of St. Augustine, Florida, on the U.S. Atlantic coast and San Diego, California, on the U.S. Pacific Coast. The Old Spanish Trail Auto Route is not to be confused with the 19th century cattle trail of the same name that wound from Santa Fe to Los Angeles.

Kinetic Sculpture and Art

by:  Kinetic Sculpture and Art 

Kinetic Sculpture and Art is sculpture that has parts that move with respect to other parts; it depends on motion for its effects. Drawing engineering and art together, they give a glimpse at what great beauty can be created by the artist. Sound and light pieces are also welcome here. Please click on "show additional information" below to see requirements for posting in this category.

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