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Australian Posties
Description: Our goal is to locate and waymark as many 'traditional' Australia Post/Post Master General locations as possible - past and present.
Date Created: 08/02/2009
Category Managed: Australia Post Offices
Members: 16
Australian National Parks
Description: A Group that Waymarks Australian National Parks.
Date Created: 08/02/2009
Category Managed: Australian National Parks
Members: 10
Tri-State Point Managers
Description: The group will manage a category dedicated to the recording of individuals calculating the coordinates of a geographic point where three States in the United States of America meet. The individuals will have to travel to the point, record the point with a...
Date Created: 08/01/2009
Category Managed: U.S. Tri-state geodetic points
Members: 9
Inside Airports
Description: I will be flying around the world on a work trip and want to create a waymark group to mark the various airports I'll be passing through. I figured others might want to do the same thing on their travels. Especially when catching connecting flights and...
Date Created: 07/30/2009
Category Managed: Inside Airports
Members: 16
Description: Manages the Dive Shop's Category
Date Created: 07/28/2009
Category Managed: Dive Shops
Members: 12
Description: Our mission is to locate magic shops around the world.
Date Created: 07/26/2009
Category Managed: Magic Shops
Members: 16
Bear Statues
Description: This is a category that identifies and highlights statues of bears throughout the world.
Date Created: 07/24/2009
Category Managed: Bear Statues
Members: 24
King of Pop
Description: A category to waymark sites relating to Michael Jackson.
Date Created: 07/23/2009
Category Managed: Michael Jackson
Members: 8
Funeral Homes
Description: The purpose is to recognize and document the many places that are often mis-understood and sometimes uncomfortable to think about. But Funeral Homes are also comforting to those famlies who look to them for services and dispostion of those who have passed...
Date Created: 07/19/2009
Category Managed: Funeral Homes
Members: 9
The underground
Description: Collect underground train stations (tube/subway/metro/ métropolitain) all over the world.
Date Created: 07/18/2009
Category Managed: The Underground
Members: 26
Czech Waymarkers
Description: Create interesting waymarks in Czech Republic.
Date Created: 07/17/2009
Category Managed: Television transmitters
Members: 3
Those Crazy Humans!
Description: With the increasing use and accessibility of aerial/satellite views as a mapping and navigating tool, comes a neat surprise: There are places where names of places, companies or structures are readable from above - sometimes painted on surfaces (roofs, etc.)...
Date Created: 07/14/2009
Category Managed: Readable From Above
Members: 15
Benchmarks in Iceland
Description: This group will contain list of benchmarks in Iceland that are GPS geodynamic reference network
Date Created: 07/14/2009
Category Managed: None
Members: 1
Family Memorials
Description: Create a family or friends memorial group of waymarks. Family and friends permanent memorial markers can be found all over the world. The markers are of people who are not famous or have places named after them. They are just regular people that have passed...
Date Created: 07/11/2009
Category Managed: Wayside Remembrance Markers
Members: 10
TheAllegheny Rangers
Description: To seek out and record waymarks in and around the Allegheny Plateau
Date Created: 07/10/2009
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Description: Frohnhäuser Sehenswürdigkeiten
Date Created: 07/09/2009
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Shopping Locally
Description: Many neighborhoods have their own corner grocer, that quirky little store where the locals shop, and few others know it even exists. My family owned and operated one such market from the late 1920s through the mid 1940s. Even now, some...
Date Created: 07/06/2009
Category Managed: The Local Neighborhood Grocer
Members: 16
Description: As the most popular sport in the world futbol or soccer is a phenomenon that people truly care about and show their allegiance for. This group is looking to waymark the locations of the soccer clubs around the world, whether it be in the any number of large...
Date Created: 07/06/2009
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
Taffy Pulling Machines
Description: This group's purpose is to create and manage a category to waymark taffy pulling machines commonly seen in the window fronts of coastal candy stores.
Date Created: 07/05/2009
Category Managed: Taffy Pulling Machines
Members: 13
Description: Managing the "Coastal Boardwalks" category. We are looking for large ones like the one found in Atlantic City or smaller ones that can be found along the edges of lakes and rivers for sightseeing.
Date Created: 07/05/2009
Category Managed: Coastal Boardwalks
Members: 21
Description: Managing the listings for Aviaries of the World. It takes a lot of people to keep this place clean, especially for these that are bigger than a birdhouse!
Date Created: 07/04/2009
Category Managed: Aviaries
Members: 7
IHOP Restaurants
Description: A United States-based restaurant chain that specializes in breakfast foods and is owned by DineEquity. While IHOP's focus is on breakfast foods such as pancakes, waffles, French toast, omelettes, and blintzes, it has evolved into also offering a menu of...
Date Created: 07/01/2009
Category Managed: IHOP Restaurants
Members: 19
Street Planners
Description: Abbey Road in London is famous through its Beatle association. But how many other Abbey Roads are there in the world? And what are they notorious for?
Date Created: 06/29/2009
Category Managed: Abbey Road
Members: 5
Description: I want to create a group to manage Motorcycle Club Houses
Date Created: 06/29/2009
Category Managed: None
Members: 2
Recycled Parking Meters
Description: A category to waymark recycled parking meters.
Date Created: 06/26/2009
Category Managed: None
Members: 4
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