Share Your Waymarking Adventures

Reveal the hidden world around you with Unlock unique locations in more than 1000 categories like Scenic Railroads, Last of its Kind or even Ginormous Everyday Objects. Waymarking offers a sense of discovery that’s waiting just outside your front door. Adventures around the world use waymarking to explore hundreds of thousands of interesting and useful locations. Read about the eye-opening experience from those who see the world through waymarking lens.

N!tr0 writes, "[Waymarking]… makes me look far deeper than I ever would normally, check around corners, look for dates, read signs, whereas I just used to stroll on by. And I have taken more pictures every month than I ever did before."

Dragontree says, "The most satisfying elements of waymarking are that it combines all of my talents and interests. I can use my writing skills, photography skills, art and design interest to create a waymark online and we can visit the places in person where we have always wanted to go. It gives a sense of purpose to our life and creates an ongoing memory of the world where our footsteps have fallen."

Fi67 writes, "Waymarking combines so many different things: Going outside, taking pictures, search the web or books and finally digest all that and create your own waymark. Another way to play the game is visiting. You can go to the location of existing waymarks, take a picture and upload it with a comment about your visit. The exact visiting requirements are also defined by the category managers and can vary."

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