800,000 Waymarks

Wow! All of you lovely and dedicated members of this close-knit community have now officially contributed over 800,000 unique and interesting places of interest from all over the world! That is over 65,000 historical markers, 25,000 war monuments, 6000 museums, 4000 local tourism attractions and thousands of other locations in over 1,000 categories that are available for discovering, learning and visiting.

Here are some fun categories to check out that you may not have known existed: Gargoyles, Birdwatching Locations, 'Marry Me' Markers, Exact Replicas, Artistic Seating abd Volcano Watching. There are over 100 waymarking categories that have more than 1,000 waymarks posted under them.

Congratulations again to the Waymarking community on achieving this latest significant milestone! Thank you for your continued support of the website and hobby!

Posted on 03/30/2018 12:45 AM by bootronView all news items