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Salt Pans and Mines

by:  Waymarking4All  

Salt is used basically everywhere where humans are present. Mostly in food - to enhance flavors and preserve meat and fish - but also in cosmetics and health industry. There is refined and unrefined salt. There is finely ground salt and coarsely ground salt. But rarely we think about its origin. Where does salt comes from? That's what this category is about: salt pans and salt mines.


Volcano Watching allows ratings

by:  Volcano Watchers 

These are locations from which people can safely watch volcanoes. These places are truly spectacles of nature.


Beach Huts allows ratings

by:  Beach Huts Managers 

Some beach huts are small places to change or make a hot drink, others are more lavish with electricity and water installed as well as sleeping areas. Some are owned by private individuals (including The Queen!), and others are owned by local councils are available for hire. GC9FCF


White Castle allows ratings

by:  White Castle 

To locate and Waymark all of the White Castle locations worldwide.


Burger Chef (Former Locations) allows ratings

by:  Burger Chef & Jeff 

Remember your local Burger Chef by placing a waymark for all former locations. Our purpose is to catalog the history and demise of one of America's most popular fast food chains. Burger Chef had over 2,500 locations in 43 US states, Canada and Japan. Its rise and eventual fall has become the subject of case studies in business schools all over the world. Aside from the business lessons learned, many of us to grew up in the 70's have very fond memories of Burger Chef. Share here.


Knights of Pythias allows ratings

by:  Knights of Pythias 

The goal is to find and photograph Knights of Pythias lodges including those that are currently used for a different purpose. This could include Pythan Sisters, Sunshine Girls or the Knights of the Khorassan.


Children's Gardens

by:  Children's Gardens 

These special gardens promote a child's understanding of plants and the role they play in our daily lives. They nurture a sense of wonder in a child's imagination and curiosity.


LDS Church History Sites

by:  Mormon History 

LDS Church History Sites will contain waymarks for places where important events in LDS history took place. This category would not contain LDS Temple sites, since there is already a category for those.


London Coal Tax Posts allows ratings

by:  London Coal Tax Posts Managers 

Coal tax posts are iron posts or granite obelisks that were erected after 1861 to mark the boundary of London (England) for taxation purposes. They form a ring around the city at about 15 miles/20km radius. About 200 are still in existence.


Glaciers allows ratings

by:  Glacier lovers 

This category contains waymarks of ice and rock glaciers.


Natural Sinkholes allows ratings

by:   Natural SinkHoles 

This category is for those that love sinkholes


Carnivorous Plant Localities allows ratings

by:  Carnivorous Plant Localities Managers 

These waymarks provide locations to safely viewing carnivorous plants in specialized nurseries, cultivation, and the wild. Native species can be found throughout the world from the tropics to sub-artic. Collecting or disturbing these localities is prohibited.


Sokol Centers allows ratings

by:  Sokol 

Sokol buildings worldwide - both actively used and converted to other use.


Auction Houses allows ratings

by:  Going Once, Going Twice, Sold! 

A category to list auction houses and barns from around the world


Trophies, Medals and Cups  allows ratings

by:  World Champions 

This category is designed to waymark athletic awards that are on permanent, public display such as Olympic medals, World Cups and other trophies presented in competitions at the national or international level.


Paintball Outdoor and Indoor Fields allows ratings

by:  Paintball Fields and Parks 

Around the world in the last few years Paintball "games" are held on a regular basis. The purpose of this category is to find and document those locations.


FIFA World Cup Venues allows ratings

by:  Footballers 

A category to Waymark venues of FIFA's World Cup competitions.


Walt Disney World Benchmarks

by:  Walt Disney World Resort Benchmark Managers 

Survey marks placed by Disney surveyors at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. The Walt Disney World Resort includes the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom theme parks; the Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon water parks; Downtown Disney; about two dozen hotels; and other areas. Please see “Disneyland/DCA Benchmarks” for Disney survey marks in California.


Maine Historical Markers

by:  Seeing-Eye Lobsters 

To collect, photograph and record the historical markers/history of the state of Maine.


It's All About Tintin

by:  It's all about Tintin 

The Adventures of Tintin by the cartoonist Hergé is one of the most popular and beloved comics in Europe and is popular in many other countries of the world as well. This category seeks to find locations, sculptures and other items connected with the Tintin stories and characters.


Moomins allows ratings

by:  Moomin club 

Year 2010 is the 65th anniversary of the release of "The Moomins and the Great Flood", the first of the Moomin books writen by Finnish writer and illustrator Tove Jansson. Waymarking goal of this category is to promote knowledge of Moomins by finding Moomin characters around the world! See below for details.


Town and Village Pounds allows ratings

by:  Pound Keepers 

You may have stumbled across one, a small, rectangular area bounded by stone walls. It looks like it might be a small cemetery, but there are no headstones to be found! It might just be the old Pound, where stray livestock would be kept until their owners claimed them, with a fee to the Pound Keeper, of course.


Blues Legends allows ratings

by:  Blues Brothers 

A collection waymarks that document the life and music of the artists that shaped the Blues.


Art*o*mats allows ratings

by:  Art O Mat Group 

Art*o*Mats are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art. There are nearly a hundred active machines in various locations throughout the United States and now they are spreading around the world.


Hot Air Balloon Festivals allows ratings

by:  Hot Air Balloon Festivals Managers 

Blue skies filled with balloons of every imaginable color. Tell us about a Hot Air or Gas Balloon festival or rally in your area!

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