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Time Signals

by:  The Keepers of Time 

The purpose and goal of this category is to discover, document, and preserve the memory of "Time Balls", "Time Cannons", and "Time Flaps". These now obsolete devices were used in the 19th and early 20th century as public time markers.


Whispering Giant Sculptures allows ratings

by:  Whispering to Giants 

Whispering Giants are a series of public art sculptures depicting Native Americans and Canadian First People by Peter Wolf Toth. He has donated a sculpture to each U.S. state and Canadian Province with a few donated outside North America.


Michigan Centennial Farms

by:  Michigan Centennial Farms 

Photograph and Waymark Michigan Centennial Farms, and Their Markers.


Moon Trees allows ratings

by:  Moon Trees Group 

*2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the Moon Trees* This category is devoted to documenting specific trees grown from seeds that traveled to the moon and back during the Apollo 14 mission in 1971.


Cable Skiing and Wakeboarding

by:  Cableways 

A Cableway is used to practice towed water sports such as Water Ski, Wakeboarding, or others. Instead of being pulled by a boat the user is pulled by a cable suspended above water in a specifically designed pylons. The Cableways can be used either for people with experience or without experience and are extremely fun to ride.


UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

by:  UNESCO Biosphere Reserves 

The mission of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves is to locate and document all worldwide Biosphere Reserves designated by UNESCO. This can help to increase awareness of these reserves and promote education about the conservation of our environment.


Rolling Ball Sculpture allows ratings

by:  Ball Rollers 

Rolling Ball Sculptures, also known as Kinetic Sculptures or Gravitram Sculptures, mainly rely on gravity and one motor to move balls around the track in a varying and intricate pattern. Some include audio, water, or time keeping components.


Ponce de León allows ratings

by:  The Conquistadors 

This category documents the locations that celebrate the life and achievements of Spanish Conquistador, Juan Ponce de León (1460 – 1521) who was instrumental in the discovery, mapping and colonizing of southern portions of the United States of America, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Hispaniola.


James Bond - 007

by:  M.I.6 

For marking locations related to the world's most famous spy and his creator, Ian Fleming.


Bismarck Towers allows ratings

by:  Bismarck Towers 

Bismarck Towers are a unique German monument genre, to honor the ex-chancellor Otto von Bismarck. Approximately 250 of these towers were built between the German unification and the National Socialist takeover, between 1869 and 1934. They were built in various styles, on four continents (Australia, South America, Africa and Europe). Of those 250 about 170 remain.


Toynbee Tiles allows ratings

by:  Who is Toynbee? 

Mysterious plaques have appeared embedded in streets in several cities across the country. Nobody knows who is placing them...


Bungee Jump Sites allows ratings

by:  HighJumpers 

A place where adventurers take a leap of faith into the Unknown with nothing but some elastic cord attached.


Ski Jumps allows ratings

by:  Ski Jumpers 

We are looking for 'Ski Jumps' around the world. Whether they are large or small, active or abandoned.


Diving Platforms

by:  Diving platforms 

A diving platform or diving tower is a tower/structure used for jumping into water.


Lighthouse Passport Stamps allows ratings

by:  Lighthouse Stamper Seekers 

This category seeks the lighthouse passport stamping locations throughout the world. Often these locations are not at the lighthouse itself but may be in a nearby location.


Improved Order of Red Men

by:  Red Men 

America's oldest fraternal organization, chartered by Congress. The fraternity traces its origins back to 1765 and is descended from the Sons of Liberty.


Vortexes, Mystery Spots, and Gravity Hills allows ratings

by:  Murphy's Law of Physics 

Water running uphill. Disorienting natural optical illusions. Unexplained violations of the laws of physics mark these odd geographic locations where gravity is just a guideline and nothing is what it seems. It's physics gone wild.


Entertainment Awards allows ratings

by:  Entertainment Awards 

This category is designed to waymark entertainment industry awards that are on permanent public display. Such installations typically feature special pedestals, lighting, graphics, and so on.


Daniel Boone Trail Markers

by:  Daniel Boone Trail Markers 

This category is to locate and share those historical markers placed over a 25 year period in an effort to help improve road conditions and memorialize Daniel Boone's trail blazing efforts and to stir the imaginations of civic leaders and school children, raising funds, placing metal tablets on arrowhead shaped monuments, leading the ceremonies and issuing press releases.


Vasco da Gama allows ratings

by:  Vasco da Gama Managers 

Find a monument or a physical reference to the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama.


Automobile Association Signs allows ratings

by:  AA Signs 

Scattered throughout Britain are a whole series of large yellow and black discs set up by the AA more than 80 years ago. We are told they are called village signs. There is no record of where they are, or indeed how many, and the AA no longer 'owns' them.


Metal Detecting allows ratings

by:  Metal Detecting Managers 

Treasure awaits those armed with a metal detector. Help us gather up all the potential metal detecting sites around the world! If you run out of coin's or artefact listing you can make a new Waymark of that site, to log all your find's.


Soroptimist International Markers

by:  Matriarchal Advocates 

This category's mission is to waymark the monuments, plaques and any other public marker placed by Soroptimist International members worldwide.


Whispering Galleries

by:  Whispering Among Friends 

Whispering Galleries are areas in which the ambient architecture is able to broadcast weak sounds relatively great distances and can be heard. These Whispering Galleries can be an acoustical anomaly found in a domed rotunda or arch or they can be deliberately constructed within a science museum.


Bifana´s House

by:  Bifana's House 

The goal of this waymark is to create Bifana's House Waymark (Portuguese traditional fast food house). The "Bifana" is a thinly sliced pork steak sandwich, served in Portuguese traditional bread, fried on vegetable oil or olive oil with lots of garlic. It tastes real good. Some add mustard or spicy sauce. It's not a BBQ and it's not easy to find in every restaurant. There are houses that have them as their specialty, that's what this category is all about. Those houses are not BBQ houses.

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